Keeping a Cat’s Water Fountain Clean


Water fountains for cats have numerous advantages, including providing your pet with fresh water at any time of day and stimulating your pet’s thirst for water from the stream of flowing liquid.

There is a price to pay for all of this convenience, as cleaning a cat water fountain is significantly more complex than cleaning a cat bowl. Simple rinsing and wiping are all that is required when using a bowl. Water fountains necessitate more than just rinsing and wiping down the surfaces. If you have a pet, make sure it is safe for them to use.

Fortunately, you’ll discover how to clean your fountain in the most straightforward manner possible, thanks to the information provided in this article. By keeping your water fountain clean, your pet can drink from a fountain that has been cleaned and is in good working order for them.

Cleaning a Cat Fountain’s Water Bowl

Step #1 Empty the Fountain

First things first, dump out all of the water that’s in your fountain. The water is present within the apparatus’s main tank and internal canals. It is unnecessary to worry about the surrounding area becoming flooded as we dismantle the fountain to access the motor.

Step #2 Remove the Main Tank

To gain access to the fountain’s motor, you will first need to remove the main tank unit of the fountain. You might be able to stop here and finish disassembling the fountain by simply removing the motor if it isn’t a particularly complicated model. We suggest reading the instruction manual or watching a few videos about disassembling the fountain online before attempting to take apart a more complex model.

Step #3 Remove the Motor’s Front Panel

Remove the front panel of the motor unit by prying it off with your fingernails if that doesn’t work. After this has been removed, you should be able to see the main rotating motor unit. This motor unit should be very easy to remove compared to the panel facing the front of the device, which is more difficult to remove. Its primary function is to prevent water from entering, which is why it is held in place with magnets rather than completely airtight like the panel facing the front of the vehicle.

Step #4 Run Water Into the Motor

After removing the rotating motor unit, you should then run water through the motor to flush out any debris that may still be inside. When all of the debris has been removed, the motor will once again have the ability to function normally.

Step #5 Wash the Disassembled Parts

It is necessary to clean the components of the fountain that have been disassembled. We also suggest you utilize your dishwasher to clean your fountain unit if you do not wish to do the cleaning yourself.

Final Thoughts

Your utmost concern is to keep your animal water fountain clean and free from bacteria. It will help your cats stay hydrated and healthy. Also, this will help your cat water fountain function at its best and extend its lifespan.


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