Tips For Choosing The Best Spot To Place Your Hot Tub


Hot tubs are incredible features for relaxation. However, they also offer numerous health benefits thanks to their warm water and massaging effect. Certain types of hot tubs, like garden hot tub pools, also provide aesthetic appeal. However, this depends on the hot tub placement, which will be covered in this post.

Tips for choosing the best spot to place your hot tub

The following are some excellent tips for choosing the best placement for your hot tub:

Consider the size

One of the first things you should do when picking the best placement for your hot tub is considering the size. Your hot tub size will help you determine the best spot where it will fit. You do not want to have it in a position to be too squeezed and not look good. Therefore, it would help if you looked at possible places around your home based on the size of your tub. It is also recommended that you do this before choosing your hot tub. Note that you can always get a smaller hot tub, but it is tough to create space where there is none.

Consider the aesthetics

Another critical factor to consider is aesthetics. A good hot tub placement can go a long way in improving the aesthetics of your home and compound. However, it can also not work in your favor if you are not keen. For instance, positioning your hot tub in your bathroom, next to your bathing tub, may not bring out the same aesthetic appeal as placing it in a separate room or your yard. You may also want to consider how the hot tub aesthetics will match with the rest of your home.

Consider the ease of installation

Choosing a spot for your hot tub is easy. The problem comes when you want to install it. Most hot tubs on the market are portable. This means that you do not have to tamper with your home’s construction to set it up. However, note that hot tubs use electricity to run their heaters and jets. Therefore, it is wise to consider how easily you can install the tub and connect it to a power source when picking a position.

For instance, you do not want to place your hot tub in your garden, where you would have to install several electrical wires to reach your power source. This could be dangerous and stressful. Note that some types of hot tubs are not portable. Here, you may have to build a foundation for the tub. In such a case, picking an installation location inside your house would not be a good idea.

Take the type of hot tub into account

The market consists of various types of hot tubs. Some tubs are specifically designed for outdoor purposes, while others are built for indoor applications. Therefore, it would be wise to consider the type of hot tub you have when picking a position.

Possible placement spots for hot tubs:

  • Near your house
  • In your yard
  • In your garden
  • In a separate room in your house
  • In your bathroom


Apart from the tips named above, you may also want to consider the safety of the placement position. Firstly, it should not be placed where your children and pets can access it. This could be dangerous for your little ones. Additionally, the safety of the tub from environmental factors and theft is also worth looking into.


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