Can you clean a High Pressure Fuel Pump with a fuel cleaner?


There are many functions that your Fuel pump has; the chief of which is providing fuel into the fuel pump of the car. Therefore, whether you have an n54 high pressure fuel pump inserted in your vehicle or not, it is one part of the vehicle that is working consistently. Across the different gas stations, there are different types of fuel grades specifically made for each engine type and purpose. Also, these different gas stations deliver gas in different pure forms, depending on the source of the company.

As a car owner, it is rare for you to check any of this information when you want to buy gas. Mostly, we walk into any Fuel station, insert our cards, and make the sales on our own. If you manage to check the right grade of fuel you are buying for your vehicle, you may not check the purity. Fuel purity is not something you can confirm by merely looking at the fuel.

There is no such thing as Fuel that is 100% pure. It is normal for some particles to be in Fuel. These particles may come directly from the source, the pump, the nozzle, or even inside your Fuel tank. What we just need is for the particles to be minimal. Whether your fuel is pure or not, over time the particles in the fuel will get your fuel pump dirty. In turn, this dirt will affect your fuel pump performance, even when it is a high-pressure fuel pump.

You should clean your fuel pump off all of this dirt from time to time. Of course, hiring an expert to perform a thorough cleaning service is the best option. But spending that amount of money per hour may not be in your budget. Fortunately, several fuel cleaning products help you deliver a clean fuel pump. These products are different, but specific per type of fuel pump. Therefore, be sure that you’ve bought the right one for your high-pressure fuel pump. This guide will show you how you can clean your fuel pump with a fuel cleaner.

Confirm that your Fuel pump is dirty

A lot of times, we assume that the fuel pump is the issue without confirming. However, most high-pressure fuel pumps have a filter to ensure that particles are trapped outside. Therefore, the first thing is to confirm that the fuel pump has dirt. You do not have to remove it to check. Simple processes like listening to the car sound and checking the RPM levels for a possible reduction are okay.

Buy a reputable High Fuel pump cleaner

There are many types of fuel cleaners spread around the world. You need to get a good one because this is the main agent cleaning the fuel pump and the fuel tank. It is also important to know that sale of fuel injector cleaners is also common in situations like this. The fuel injector cleaner is not the same as the fuel pump cleaner

Digest the user guide and instructions

A good fuel pump cleaner will have some specific instructions about what to do with the product. If you have a fuel pump cleaner without any instructions, it is a good sign that it may not be a good one.

Ensure your Fuel remains only a little

The fuel cleaner will not enter your fuel tank if it is full. Therefore, you should try as much as you can to leave only little fuel before you empty the Fuel cleaner in your Fuel tank as required. You can do this by driving around for some hours, depending on how much fuel is there. After that, you can fill your tank up with fuel, then kick-start your car engine.


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