Time to Talk About Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian body wave hair

Brazilian body wave hair is the perfect choice for stylish ladies who want a versatile, low-maintenance, and voluminous hairstyle. This hair is here to stay, and rightfully so because it looks good and can be styled differently to achieve a glamorous look. If you haven’t caught the fuss about body wave hair, then this article is for you. All your questions about body wave bundles are answered here, starting with the definition.

What Is Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

Brazilian body wave hair is a hairstyle featuring human hair wigs or weaves. The hair is called body wave because it features a prominent “s” shape in its curls. The shape of the hair is versatile as it looks natural and blends well with various hair patterns. The hairstyle is artificial and easy to make or customize yourself, albeit time-consuming. Consider buying pre-made hair bundles if you want to rock body wave hair without much effort or time.

What Is The Best Brazilian Body Wave Hair To Buy?

There are many body wave hair bundles in the market, but the best is virgin Brazilian body wave hair. The hair is made from virgin human hair that is strong and healthy and doesn’t tangle much. This hair type has its cuticles still intact, so you can dye, curl, or straighten it just like your natural hair, achieving a natural and effortless look.

How Long Should The Hair Last?

You should consider this a very important factor before buying any hair bundle, including Brazilian body wave hair. Considering the quality of any wig or weave you buy helps you purchase hair that will last longer and give you value for your money. High-quality body wave hair lasts for about half a year, but if you take good care of it, it may last you up to a year. The longevity of this hair depends on several factors, as listed below:

How Do You Maintain Body Wave Hair?

Maintaining your Brazilian body wave hair to last you longer is easy, and it entails the following tips:

  1. Wash the hair correctly to maintain the infamous “S” curves associated with body wave hair. When washing the hair, use good quality products like shampoo, conditioner, a wide-tooth comb and clean water. Be gentle to avoid damaging the curls, rinse the hair properly, and let it air-dry away from direct sunlight.
  2. Set a few minutes aside daily specifically to rejuvenate the curls on your body wave bundle. Just like your natural hair, the body wave hair needs gentle detangling and moisturizing to keep it soft and shiny.
  3. Do not go to sleep with the wig on your head. The friction between the pillow and your head will ruin the precious curls you have worked so hard to maintain.
  4. Excessive heat is a big enemy to your body wave bundle. Excessive heat from a blow-dryer on a high setting exposes the hair to early wear and tear, so avoid it at all costs.
  5. Apply a deep conditioner to the hair regularly to keep it strong and well- moisturized.


Brazilian body wave hair is very popular for its beautiful “S” shaped curls. The curls blend well with various hair patterns, the best type being virgin body wave hair. You need a proper cleaning and maintenance routine to maintain the curls longer.


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