How to Measure The Length of Your Ginger Lace Wigs


The wig industry is slowly getting accustomed to the popularity of ginger lace wigs. These wigs are not only beautiful but have good quality that can last over time. If you wear a ginger lace wig, you’ll be getting a lot of attention from onlookers and may want to ask questions. Some may want to know where you bought your wig and dyed the wig to have the color. While these questions may get frustrating sometimes, it’s always better to have answers to the question.

One very annoying question that you may miss is the length of the wig. Have you ever experienced it when you’re asked about the size of your wig, and you don’t know? Most of the time you’ll feel very bad. The truth is when most of us want to buy wigs, we focus so much on beauty. In the case of ginger wigs, the color is already enough distraction.

If you missed asking for the length of the wig before you bought the wigs, let’s examine how you can measure the width of the wig from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Arrange the materials

To measure the length of your wig, you’ll need some materials. You may need a flat surface to place the materials and the wig. Also, it’s better to measure the wig when it’s on a head – in this case; a mannequin will do the magic. As much as possible, ensure that your wig isn’t touching the surface of the table. Make sure the wig is hanging. If you don’t have a wig stand or the wig is too long, you may want to spread the wig out on a wide table. Ensure the wig is stretched to its entire length.

Step 2: Measure from the crown to the bottom

To successfully measure the length of the wig, you should use a flexible measuring tape. With the tape measure from the crown of the wig. Note that the crown of the wig isn’t the same as the front of the wig. The peak of the wig is the topmost part of the wig, which is usually the highest point on your head. Even if you’re measuring the wig on a flat surface, try to locate the wig crown and measure.

Step 3: Measure to the longest length at the back

After locating the crown of the wig, try to take it down to the longest wig you can discover. If you measure from the top, you may not get the correct measurement. Ensure you take all measurements in inches to be sure of the length of the wig.

Step 4: Record measurement and remeasure

After getting the first measurement, record the figure and rearrange the wig. This time, you may want to comb the wig so you don’t have any entanglements in between. After that, repeat the process and measure from the crown of the wig to the lowest point.


Having the knowledge of the length of your wig is as vital as buying the wig, if not more. Therefore it’s always good to know the measurement. However, in case you forgot the length of your wig, you can easily measure it through the steps in this guide.