What is butterfly locs


The butterfly locs are a different style of faux locs made with the help of crotchets through the crotchet method. Butterfly locs are made using wavy hair. The wavy has gets looped into a braid wrapped loosely using the crotchet needle to achieve an unraveled look.

How long do butterfly locs last?

Butterfly locs would last for two to three months if you take good care of them. Taking good care of the butterfly locs means you should moisturize the locs occasionally and apply good quality oil on them. When you take care of the butterfly locs, they are bound to last longer than you expect.

Failure to take good care of your butterfly locs will make the locs last for a shorter time. Poor maintenance involves keeping the butterfly locs untidy and using poor-quality oils to moisturize them. Therefore, you must make sure your subject, the butterfly locs in good condition to improve its longevity.

What are the pros and cons of butterfly locs?



Removing butterfly locs can be difficult and time-consuming because you would be forced to find the knot of the lock and untie it. The process involved in untying the knot is not easy and consumes a lot of time.


The hair does not separate from the locs. The type of hair may have different effects when using the butterfly locs. The separation of the locs from the hair also depends on the type of wave that you chose.

Freetress water waves usually have a silky texture and would still give a 4c or any four patterns. For the freetress water, the hair would separate quickly. In contrast, a kinky four-type natural will allow you to make afro spring twists. While it is still a water wave, it has a course texture that might blend well with your hair.

How do you safely remove butterfly locs?

There is no set technique for removing the butterfly locs. In that case, you may consider applying the best method that works for you. One of the most common methods that might work for you is rolling up the end of the locs.

However, some people would opt to burn, tie or lock the butterfly locs when removing them. To remove the locs, you should not go through a hustle. Unknotting the loc in preparation to remove it.

Do butterfly locs grow your hair?

Butterfly locs may or may not grow your hair. The reason is because of the difference in materials used to make the butterfly locs. Human hair extensions are usually considered the best option. Besides, the human extensions give you’re a more natural appearance.

Therefore, you need to choose the right type of hair extension. Choosing the right hair extension will help avoid pitfalls such as difficulty in removing the butterfly locs. At the same time, you would spend lesser time when removing the locs. Proper butterfly locs will have a bouncy and curly appearance, giving you the popular characteristic of butterfly locs.


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